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Racing Legends

Design, Artwork and Animation

Titles, branding, and content graphics for a 3 episode BBC TV show about the racing Drivers,Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss, Colin McRae. The show featured a lot of archive but the production didn’t want standard rostrum shots. They needed something a bit fresher, but also that wouldn’t alienate the BBC Two audience.

We proposed this ‘heritage’ route focussing on hand drawn and hand rendered imagery. We wanted to move it all away from the usual fast pacey graphics that car racing is associated with. After all this was a retrospective and a series about legends. The textures and soft palettes were key to the look of these graphics.


Our initial work involved sketching the drivers and building montages. Once we had established this look the titles and archive sequences grew from here. All the graphics were layered photography combined with images hand drawn here at Mighty Giant. With clever camera moves, and some added bits of debris and artefacts we built the sequences into slow motion sections of a race.

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