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Live Lessons

Branding, Design, Concept & Production

A logo that worked equally across print, web and broadcast for this series of Educational events for schools and online. The identity also had to sit alongside the rest of the BBC Learning family.

We were tasked with adding some pace and energy to the opening of this programme, make it feel more like a TV show than a lesson. We also had to come up with something that would work equally for music as it would technology or archeology.

The series of Live Lessons covered a broad curriculum and the look we designed had to adapt. With such a broad set of subjects to cover it was the logo we designed that became the ‘hero’ of the graphics.

Live Lessons is a new initiative for schools across the UK to access learning online in a unique and innovative way. Because the subject matter of the lessons is so disparate a strong brand was needed to create an exciting identity. So first port of call was Mighty Giant, they always find a creative solution to every problem and consistently deliver great work. I’m always amazed at what they manage to achieve on even the tightest budgets.
Andrew Nicholson: Exec Producer

We tried several approaches to this, some of which you can see above. The final decision came very much down to what would work online and also next to other BBC brands, iWonder and Bytesize. If anything we designed the brand for web then moved into motion afterwards; very much back to front compared to a lot of our other projects.

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