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Hero Squad

Branding, Design, Concept & Production

High energy titles and graphics for this show that followed a group of children joining a series of rescue services over the course of the series.

We provided branding, logo, titles and programme graphics.

Our task was to capture the excitement of what it was like for the children to be able to take part in such a thrilling, but also potentially dangerous activity.

We needed to convey what it would be like for the children and how they would feel and react to the situations they were in. The show featured a lot of GoPro footage, i.e head mounted cams which gave us lots of first person footage to work with. Using this footage also meant the titles would sit well with the general shooting style.

We set about building an ‘interface’ world. The idea behind this was a ‘high­tec’ view as if upon the visor of the participants helmet; this is the drive behind all the locators and information on screen. The look also developed into the graphics used in the onscreen information throughout the series.

The BBC also asked us to come up with the programme logo. These images demonstrate the process and development this went through. The eventual look was a lot cleaner than the original design we proposed largely due to logistical constraints. It had to work as a badge on a cap, as well as for web, and to go on the side of vehicles.

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