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Freedom Finance

Design, Animation, Production & Distribution

Conch associates approached us to help them produce this simple TV ad as part of their branding brief for Freedom Finance. They had an idea of the approach they wanted, and a very basic storyboard. What they needed us to do was add some movement and life to what was a simple and effective story idea but within a very short space.

We worked very closely with Steve at Conch on this one. He came to us with a basic storyboard but gave us free reign to push it and use our motion skills to develop the idea.

Many sessions were spent together refining and tweaking the direction. You can see on this page some of the different routes we went down until we stripped it all back to something simpler and cleaner. Eventually we managed to get it to sit perfectly with the brand look Conch had created for Freedom.

When we started looking at specialist motion graphics companies to turn our Freedom Finance commercial into reality we initially talked to quite a few of the “big boys”. However Mighty Giant felt much more proactive and nimble and immediately got what we wanted to achieve. They added value, helped on VO sourcing, recording and Clearcast approval and were a pleasure to work with. We changed client logo mid production and they took it in their stride and seamlessly integrated it into the animation. They are professional, creative and a pleasure to work with. Paul Watson: Managing Director

The production and animation was only half the job in this instance. Once we had completed the production we recorded the Voiceover, mixed the sound and SFX and distributed the Ad to the broadcast channels. The full package from storyboard to broadcast.

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