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Downing Street Fighter

Animation & Election Campaign

A different take on the election story through animation street fights! Search #mightyelection for how it ran on the night.

3 weeks before the general election the news was full of tales of apathy amongst younger voters. Downing Street Fighter was born out of us wanting to tell the election story in a different way.  Not only was it designed to show the battle between the parties, constituency by constituency, but also as a commentary on the election narrative focussing on a leader vs leader battle.

We built a whole range of fights and outcomes that would be triggered by ourselves according to the results. The film/directors cut above shows off some of our favourite moves, and some we couldn’t use due to Theresa May not following the script! To see more of how we ran them on the night search for #mightyelection.

We delivered 25+ animations over the course of election night. At it's peak we were receiving just under 1,000 views per film and around 6,000 media engagements via Twitter. Our announcement on Facebook of the first to call, Newcastle, saw us reach 20,000 viewers with just under 7,000 engagements.

Dan, our illustrator sketched out the cartoon leaders then these were transformed into rigged moving 3D characters by James. We’d been trialling new production pipelines internally and the election seemed like a great project for us to try this out. Now the clever bit was making it run as a commentary on election night; to tell the story of the election in real time. For this, Dan managed to write bespoke scripts to automatically animate, render and upload the fights. The control panel (pictured) meant we could trigger these scripts remotely on the night, according to how the constituency was called.

Not a lot of sleep, but plenty of tweeting.

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