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Branding, Design & Production

Opening titles, branding, logo design and content graphics for this new children’s show about building their dream Den

Dengineers was a brand new design show for CBBC. They needed an identity for the show as well as a visual language that worked across the graphics, idents and titles. The titles also had to capture the essence of the show, essentially children getting to design and build Dens. The titles also had to feature footage from the series.

From the very first meeting Jonny and the Mighty Giant team clearly understood our brand new series and what we wanted to get across to our audience. We wanted the titles to tell a story and we wanted the design graphic to show the basic idea. This was a tough one as we had a strike a balance between showing the design but not revealing too much and spoiling the surprise at the end. Mighty Giant handled all this expertly and with their creative flair we ended up with very distinct looking graphics that have helped define our programme. Jennifer Morrison | Series Producer

We tried to capture what it would be like to be a child designing a den. How their imagination works and the process of designing and then building your Den. We built the sequence as if seen through the eyes of the child. The logo came from elements that would be used in the Den build, all nailed onto a wooden board then raised aloft.

When testing greenscreen arms we realised a) the camera angles were going to be tricky and b) we didn’t have the control we wanted for the compositing. For this reason we decided to use CGI arms. This meant we could build the arms into each Den reveal in the title sequence.

We also produced ‘plan’ graphics for each episode. Click on the play button to see some of these.

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