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Big Chip Awards

Concept & Production

Opening Film for The Big Chip Awards ceremony in Manchester. This short piece opened the night on July 2nd 2015. Taking a tongue in cheek look at the Digital & Creative Industry it was our first superhero film…and hopefully not our last!

The brief was to “Wake up the audience”. A film to focus attention on the awards but also to capture something of what Big Chip is about.

Our research looked into the purpose of the Big Chip Awards and its organisers Manchester Digital. Their remit is to help the Creative and Digital sector in many different forms. We looked at the kind of things that could prevent them doing their work, things that could get in the way. It was also key to the film that it didn’t take itself too seriously. The awards are respected but also a celebration and a ‘night out’. Something heavy in tone wouldn’t be right for the audience.

We built the film into a mini-campaign; the film finishing with Andrew coming onto stage with his hero mask. It plays nicely with the ending.

Mighty Giant produced the 2015 Big Chip Awards opening sequence film. The Big Chips are the longest running digital awards in the UK and the largest outside of London. Mighty Giant took the (very vague) brief and created an incredible superhero-themed film; moving away from the traditional animated film and instead utilising CGI technology to create something very different and very fun! Rachel Thompson: Manchester Digital

The Shoot:
The scenes were shot by ourselves on a Canon 6D DSLR Rig in and around Manchester and Liverpool. For the end shot we spent a sunlit evening on the roof of The Midland hotel where we shot backgrounds for the final 3D sections. This was combined with a green screen shoot with Andrew Ryan that gave us his living breathing head!

3D & Post Production:
Our hero had to fly and this was the fun bit. Bringing a previously unknown character to life. During development we went in several directions. We started out a bit Batman, went a bit Judge Dredd in the middle, but ended up on a design which we feel was different, distinct, and importantly carried the Big Chip branding & colours.

Additional Credits
  • Concept, Design & Story: Mighty Giant
  • Creative Direction Jonathan Ashworth
  • 3D Design Steve Liddle
  • Character James Thompson
  • Sound Design Emma Mills
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