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British Ports

Concept, Design, Animation & Production

Explain a systems & software change to a company that supports 84,000 jobs.

Associated British Ports operate 21 of Britain’s ports, delivering cargo and logistics solutions. 2 million containers come in and out of an ABP port every year.

We were commissioned to work with them on a number of films, firstly to explain a fundamental change in working practise. The film had to appeal across the board to such a diverse workforce. From Dockside workers to the Chief Executives office. From workers in safety gear to workers in front of PCs.

Their new software system was being implemented to increase the communication across the organisation and also their speed and effectiveness. Its aim is to improve the day to day life of the workers, but also to improve the experience of the customer.

We proposed building our ‘port world’ within which we could illustrate the various systems and softwares they were about to use. Loads of mini ships, fork-lift trucks and mini port workers (with mini-safety gear as well). The┬átablet worked as a device for getting ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the port but also to demonstrate how touch screens and mobile devices would be utilising this software. The film runs for just over 2 min 30 and is hosted internally on their intranet.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the piece we can’t host it here and share it with you. If you do want to see the film though we have been granted permission for special viewings. Get in touch.

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