Our Process

No matter what kind of motion graphics or motion design piece we are working on we have a process that we like to follow. We've designed a way we think works well and thought we'd share this with you. It gives you a little insight to what it's like working with Mighty Giant.

The Idea animation

The Idea

That could be yours, that could be ours, everything begins with an idea. You might need the whole story creating. We can do that. You may already have your story and want someone to bring it to life. We can do that too.

The Brief animation

The Brief

Always a good place to start and something we can help you put together if you’d prefer. Every job varies but this helps us establish what is in and what is out and get all the bits and pieces in order before we start.

The Creative animation

The Creative

Now comes the fun bit; developing the style, the story and the best way to deliver your content. We start with a written treatment of our thinking to kick off the discussion with you followed by mood boards, sketches and storyboards so you can picture what’s in our heads and the story that’s unfolding.

The Production animation


We could be booking a studio for greenscreen, sorting a location shoot, building 3D worlds or illustrating characters. No two projects are the same here which is hopefully why you have come to Mighty Giant.

Animatic animation


Through the project management software we use we ensure you’re kept in the loop all the way and able to feed back. Between us we establish the number of milestones and work in progress stages before we start the production

Audio animation


Crucial to bring the piece to life. If you have your own music or voiceover let us know. If you want us to source this we’re equally happy, and we can design and mix the sound effects too.

The Final Product animation

The Final Product

One more round of feedback for tweaks and polish and we’re done. You let us know where you want your film to go. Email, Social Media, Online, delivered to a broadcaster, or we can even book Advertising space and Distribute it. Time for your audience to see your story on screen.